Rambo Jet waiting for this Wednesday, August 3, 2011 in Enghien racecourse

What activity from Enghien racecourse since the beginning of the summer season. While the temple trot Paris Vincennes it undergoes some changes to be more efficient when it was taken at the end of August, that of Enghien was given the keys of the French trot. For over a month now, tray Soisy constantly inspire us and, to our great joy. Last weekend for example, with the new Uniclove victory or the beautiful performance Radjah Abbey, who had made a small number during the course before to blame the entrance to the straight line and resolve let slip the victory, he makes us live strong emotions and we thank him immensely. This Wednesday, August 3, 2011, it will host us once again for a meeting that looks at all interesting points. Trotting, galloping or contrary to the obstacle, the most beautiful race of the day can be support trifecta, superfecta, Quinte more. Galloping, whatever happens, except the wonderful events as the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe or the Jockey Club, for example, we have all the right moves in a split handicap first test whether labeled courseDouB. Moreover, it is time that the leaders of France Galop find a solution to this recurring problem that undermines us whenever Deauville, Longchamp and Chantilly host the event everyday favorite French. Eg lower handicap allowance for carry on an event where the best horses might come out. In a word, take a little more example on the trot, which in today's time, is thriving.

Wednesday in Enghien, eight races of choice will be offered to French punters who would normally end the day in positive through races promise to be fair and clear. The only little thing we regret is the fact that only the most quinté will support multi 2 and 4 for all other events of the day have unfortunately not met with great success and will all come under fourteen competitors take their respective starting. At the time of the Paris Saint Germain has been bought by Qatari Princes which are very active time on the transfer market thanks to the arrival of a Leonardo as general manager, which should allow the club Capital to find the peaks faster, we have the right to price the Parc des Princes. To honor this legendary stadium where France has known great joy but also great disillusionment as in 1993 and removal against Bulgaria, sixteen competitors older class of six to ten years and have not yet won 351,000 euros in gains during their career, will set fire to the track Soisy. This European race which also carries the labelB should be super fast since our fighters will be released into the arena by a car named Autostart for a long journey of 2150 meters. A Enghien, on this track speed, even if it is not obvious, it is possible to return the rearguard if the rate is very high at the front of the race. The outdoor temperature will be heavy and stormy weather, which can upset some competitors have improved. The fight is sure to be fierce as the first of our more quinté Wednesday will pocket still the tidy sum of € 31,000, which is more than well known in this time of crisis. Now, we find this little guy!

If darted frontline Rambo Jet (9) would certainly have been the favorite of this grand event. There, with his new number in the second line cord, it should still be the favorite of the public but should in all probability from a slightly higher than it would have been rated. Very talented, this resident Jean Etienne Dubois returns nicely in great shape. The other day on the racecourse Bernay, he experienced all the misfortunes of the world when it was full of gas and it would certainly emerged as the parade if he could speak. Being undoubtedly the horse lot in pure class and coach driver knowing a crazy success since the beginning of the summer on this track, it is essential to retain the base because it will be in five!

Worshiping more than any golf gear, Butterfly Airou (4) should also have a lot of fans from this price Parc des Princes. To the delight of its owner from a young age, this talented horse who now competes under the skillful training of Nicolas Roussel, her final racing season in style on our soil. Always on top at the age of ten years, he is now an opposition raised enough but beautiful race conditions. With the number four on the autostart, it will be able to move quickly in the wake of leaders and perform his famous race waiting. Then, if Pierre Levesque, who will be his driver for the occasion happens to run along the walls and break through the line, then it will be in the multi!

Pure value of Romcok Guez (6) is arguably the second best horse in this race behind Rambo Jet. Today, it is not the great Jean Michel Bazire will be in the sulky little darling Rene Guézille, but the young Robin Benoit, which also has full confidence from his mentor. Well positioned in the front line with a number six, he should go fast enough to keep a special place. Although it is not the stated objective and will be hooked, given the opposition, it can certainly play a good role in the final package. Knowing a wild success on the racecourse of Enghien, Thierry Duvaldestin could win a new trial in command of the beautiful Pretty Dancer (13). Coming to impose on the racecourse Bernay, it will have against it as its number on the second line

Recovering gradually the level that was his last year, Quasar Joli (1) could play a funny trick on his rivals if Laurent Claude Abrivard gets to keep the head and rope with number one. Horse very hard effort, he just re talking about him taking a superb third place in a lot of good quality. Having estimates of the trainer and loving golf gear, without shoes, it can even hope to win the prize. Four feet unshod and told Michel Lenoir, the Paleo Fruit (8) Laval can prove that his success during his last exit before was not a coincidence Finally, two competitors as Ceceña As (14), very comfortable on flat track and to be entrusted to a Dominik Locqueneux in top mbt shoes clearance form, and Petite Chérie (11), this time without shoes and loves Enghien will follow very closely. The arrival of this quinté should be fairly logical and normally Rambo should again knock rivals! Tomorrow dear friends and do not forget to respond.

Ramses Bouillon expected in this multi and 2 of 4 in Vincennes

Price Enceladus, Ramses Bouillon expected in this multi and 2 of 4 in Vincennes

For this second meeting of the year at night at the racecourse of Vincennes, we have the right to a beautiful quinté, but also a multi and 2 of 4 booked the generation of five years. This price Enceladus will only open to males or geldings who have not won 61,000 euros. Admittedly, this is not the Ready Cash, the Rolling HERIPRE or Fast Lebel to be noticed on the track, but the sixteen competitors of the day will give us the advantage of an open and exciting race. Taking the course of 2850 meters from the small track, the race will jump all participants at the same level.

Unlike quinté, there will be no car chases in the sixth appointment program. Provided to 22 h 08, the children will probably not attend this show to be good though. Promising 20,000 euros to the winner, this event will offer the largest allocation behind the untouchable quinté. Support multi, it should once again provide astronomical reports. On the small track races in places play a major role. Often leading to arrivals where cash drivers carve beautiful hand, it usually complicated and technical track offers a final sprint beautiful. So gentlemen drivers, for many bettors do not be afraid to attack Jean Michel Bazire, Eric Raffin or Franck Nivard, because if those are certainly the best in the world, they are not invincible so far

Where to start? Announcing the race wide open, it's really hard to make a choice meant. Ramses try Bouillon (9) which would be imposed by twenty lengths in last place without his fault. Lessees were already counting the tickets they would raise when it exploded four feet in the air when he was fifteen meters advances. If he had won, he would obviously have disputed this event. Having regained freshness with a month and a half absence, it should logically well run input because before this small inconvenience, he had easily won the 2700 meters of the track. Transformed since he was four feet unshod, the son of Quadrophénio still seems late gains. Led by Sébastien Hardy walking on water now, it will be resubmitted without shoes and will try to fly to a fifth victory. But he must be wise and watch his driver to be vigilant throughout the course. If it is in a good mood, his place is certainly in the top three.

Behind it seems to be the basis of race, will a key man for over ten years. This course is the great Jean Michel Bazire! Associated with a resident of his former student, Damien Piel, he can still win a race on the cinder he knows so well. With this guy five years seems to have found its way to trotting the many gold sulky probably get us one of his many tours he has the secret. But talking about this famous Echal Rebalago (6)! Here is a name not so easy to pronounce for commentators to be in service. After many honorable mounted trotting attempts, he sauntered on the racecourse of Enghien to hitch last. Representative of the gown Mrs. Minier, who needs no introduction, it will try to shine like his older Fabrice Axis. If he has a good run, it may largely prevail.

Rate (11) allows each output big disappointments. Not by his way of running, but by the final ranking. Distanced in his last two tests, it leaves big regrets his betters. The resident Pierre Levesque could repeat his line anthology where he had to take second place behind Rohant of Echal. If trots, it may end with a bang and take advantage of its iron removal at the rear. Then, it is not easy to make a choice. Dream of Saint Maur (1) is shown barefoot and associated Oyonnax driver, Sébastien Ernault. Raging Danica good second to the last time he had hinted means last year and can get everyone to agree and that, even if it is the least wealthy of the event. Finally Wic Robinson (15) and Riton Elves (8) will complete the selection. The first named is driven by his own coach, Christian Boisnard, and can enjoy its hardness. The second is perhaps one of the best of the lot in pure class. Only protected Mathieu Abrivard has not raced for two months and achieved real mbt shoes for sale its best performance unshod. This not being the case, it will be difficult for the win.

A price Enceladus complicated. Between incoming horses, those fit, without shoes, those with their irons. In short, many parameters are sowing doubt in our opinionated. Jean Michel Bazire t it happen again to bluff his opponents? Logically, it was not the best horse in the race but would be able to win with any horse. Now, if you want to reach this multi and 2 of 4, it will still diversify your favorite games between outsiders and even some horses still appear unapproachable. Therefore, follow your instincts and you could be the lucky winner of a very profitable multi. And good race tomorrow.

Ramses des Charmes expected this Thursday, May 24, 2012 on the racecourse Vichy

Hi to all and to all friends and welcome to our website Turf Fr to live a new brief in our company. Failing to have a pick 5 into the road, we decided to settle for a multi 2 and 4 which seemed to us interesting. Always in the interests of parity, we will go over the racecourse Vichy. The quinté more quarreling at Auteuil, except in exceptional circumstances, we wanted to present two events held in the same discipline and more is on the same racetrack. The meeting Vichy currently in full swing and waiting impatiently for the first stage of a Grand Slam in 2012 where several small events may come to attempt the feat, going for a ride to see us even though the Vichy track is still as perfect as the previous years. Several tests meet this Thursday, May 24, 2012 to our stringent selection criteria. After a few minutes of analysis and reflection, the fourth race of the day, the price Bransat, will ultimately our preference. This small provincial grand price total allocation of EUR 149 000 seems to be attractive and some good horses will be present at the start. Oddly, however, the test being played on a lengthy route, 2800 meters, the race will start with the autostart. Does not specify that the numbers immediately behind the car will have virtually no importance. On this path long enough, it will certainly be possible to return the rearguard if the rate is high at the front.

The long straight Vichy line will benefit the sitters and horses head should not send any starting under pain of being helpless in mid line. Several competitors can win one of our uncles old aged sixteen to seven to nine years, but two horses seem slightly above the rest. Male or female? Between our seven years of quality, choice was not easy but we finally made the decision to trust the male. Ramses des Charmes (5) is clearly in the form of his life. The resident Laurent Simon continues to chain the good performances including victories. Winner of a flush in Saint Galmier, he then took a good third here behind the untouchable Radjah Abbey. Then always victorious racecourse Vichy, it seems on the rise and is difficult to stop. With Matthew Abrivard who knows perfectly now, it seems able to add another success to his name. But Jean Michel Bazire, which moves with great cartridges do not hear it that way. With its beautiful Rumba Pazenaise (7), which may adopt any race tactics, he hopes not to miss its target. Stuffed full since the beginning of the year, she has the right to beat the male regular as his means are certain. Red Flower (1), which will be without shoes for the first time in his career, try to take advantage of a failure of the favorites for the win. Do not forget quesito d'Or (2), regular and brave as hell, or Pinkie Vernet (11), who has just made a very nice value. Behind competitors such as Phi Phi mbt shoes vs reebok easytone Duophi (14) Quinette of Blin (16) and Quénor Landemer of (12) will play for the places of honor. Ramses Rumba dance t he following the course of 2800 meters of the ring on the right hand? Response late Thursday afternoon friends.

Store your shoes

Good. Here at home, it is 5. Level storage pumps and pump it is not doing so. We can not be gifted at the same time, but in the shoes of the elder we keep because they will be reused in p'tit between summer sandals, closed shoes, boots when it rains here it is the volume per square meter. Could limit ourselves to make a great installation of piles of shoes in a contemporary art gallery. And it would be really nice I think.

Except that the house is not an art gallery and it is not at all pretty, it's even more messy.

So when I found this wheel which is used to store shoes, I lost at least 30 gallons of drool (yes, I know, the picture is very graceful).

I want the same, I would like a wheel like this in every room of children. The problem is that it costs 57.95 pounds (69 euros) and I do not even count the shipping cost.

So I appeal to your sense of organization folae, tell me how and where you store your shoes? In what? And if you have links furniture or whatever you bought, I am!

season, the others being stored (in theory) in lasobre and it is only 10cm thick, so not too much (you still have to buy the shoes!) N1 rule: thou shalt keep the boxes of shoes.