Quépi of Caillons expected in this multi Racecourse Lyon Parilly

Price of the Eure et Loir, Quépi of Caillons expected in this multi Racecourse Lyon Parilly

A beautiful provincial meeting we will be proposed in this Thursday, March 18, 2010. The meeting being quinté I racecourse Lyon Parilly will settle two multi looming very promising. The first host of five years who have not won 80,000 euros and should provide a nice finish. But one we want to run 55 to 14 hours and will also support 2 to 4. For horses aged six and seven, the race promises a good fight for the win. In addition, Parilly being passed in second position in the heart of Lyon Villeurbanne since turned into Silk Square and now has infrastructure worthy of the great racetracks, he will do everything to regain his public.

While this test does not provide the same benefit as the lower price Parisian series, but it has the merit to host sixteen participants very good value. The Lyon ring, they will start with the help of the wings of the car and will go rope left on a long journey of 2600 meters. Therefore, try extended combinations and diversify your games because it could be very profitable multi in the price of the Eure et Loir.

Quépi of Caillons (12) has everything to do well! It is presented without shoes, ordered by a special driver remains on an attempted first choice, but he has against his sad number behind the car. For just a few euros, the resident of the sympathetic Laurent Simon was sentenced to the number twelve. You understand, so it will leave the second line and will benefit from a more favorable course. But is it really a problem for the son of Kaiser Soze? Magnet come from the rear guard and straight lines of beauty, it may even prevent him an effort starting and allow it to maintain its excellent final rush. Moreover, finally, he redid the racetrack after starting as an iron. Very regular, he discovers that Eric Raffin hands to warm the night Friday night he will endorse his role as captain to fly the plane Rapide Lebel. In any case, if the Quépi Caillons repeats his ultimate test when it ranked second in Quénavo du Vivier who behaved well then he can win and win again escapes him for a little while.

Jean Paul Gauvin is a happy man! Even if he keeps in his craw last disqualification on cinder Vincennes when he had won, he does not forget the less extraordinary meeting What made her under saddle champion, Quauvin! No, do not panic, it will not be the monster that will be seen on track today, but one of his companions boxes. Primo Julry (6) seems to mend and mature. After little silliness in his youth, he has just completed a superb comeback. After more than three months of absence, he finished second in Quoikipass which he had put pressure throughout the course. Before that, he was accredited a performance choice when he beat a good horse the Martens family, Tom Thumb. Driven by its own coach driver, Primo Julry for him to be a hard effort and be able to print his train head. Having reached number six, his place is at least in the top three.

The third thief is none other than the great horse Mr. Saguin, Pomodoro (10). No longer sortitdes first four past nine races, it is simply impossible to imagine being ejected from multi. His mentor, Yvan Bérujat always felt this horse. Having made his debut in the southwest, including the Hippodrome Saint Galmier, this gelding seven years seems too well armed for victory. Although it should also get rid of this foul number ten, we should not be condemned too quickly. Driven by Romain Bérujat who knows the fingertips, the couple should definitely shine again. Behind the three untouchables Palombe Hood (7) depends on the formidable drive Bruno Mary continues to distinguish province. The girl Illico Presto quines the Count (2) will be barefoot and can be rehabilitated. And finally, who knows (13) recent second Pomodoro can be an attractive outsider.

We should attend a three-way battle. That John Paul Gauvin, Eric Raffin or Roman Bérujat will win? Before time, these three horses seem unapproachable but could get hurt in any battle during the course. To touch the multi and 2 of 4, you should not be far if you take two of these competitors in the database. For once, the winning combination of this game to the often astronomical reports should be fairly simple to decipher. Now you know as well as me, nothing beats a racehorse to make you lie!.

Qwerty favorite quinté more this Saturday, May 15 at the racecourse of Vincennes

Price Gatinais, Qwerty favorite quinté more this Saturday, May 15 at the racecourse of Vincennes

For several weeks now, every Saturday, the company offers French courses meetings internationally. This Saturday, May 14 obviously does not derogate from the rule and will probably have a very large audience gather in the aisles of the Hippodrome de Vincennes to admire the magnificent champions. Today, our most quinté be very well composed and seen competitors come very good value deal on the classic route of 2700 meters. In this famous price Gatinaise won by horses as Jigwen, Lontzac, Passion Recreation and Nana Las Vegas, the fight should again be beautiful and should favorite this year, better keep their rank! Open to horses aged six to ten years and have not won 500,000 euros, this event has always offered great shows just below those groups.

Labelled European race, the winner will have his appointment away with a big check for € 40,000 to put directly on his bank account. On this track so selective, the best horses can express themselves and no excuse is possible if there is failure! Of course, some may get stuck and never be able to speak but it will be their drivers to be vigilant. Serious things begin as usual at the top of the climb when the first attacks will fuse. Afterwards, there will be no more than to open our eyes to see this beautiful fight or competitors are at their maximum potential and strike the ground with their hooves as they hit a nail with a hammer. Come on, after trying to whet your mouth, try now to enlighten you the best in your quest for the jackpot

In this price Gatinaise a horse made scarecrow figure and will probably be on all tickets. Defending the famous cross yellow colors black Lorraine, who made headlines by refusing an invitation to the American price, winner of the last price Tenor de Baune, you obviously recognized, it is the young crack Qwerty ( 11)! Aged six years, resident of Pierre Levesque never really had tough fights. Put in cotton since his childhood by professional native of the inning, he walked all the time when it does not go at a gallop. Lately, Qwerty affirms and shows character by not rushing to the right foot. Finally Lyon Parilly in a group III, the race seemed to promise him and we are already looking for all lengths of how the son of Quadrophenio would be needed! And then disaster When the wings of the car loose competitors in the pit for a titanic struggle, it explodes all four feet in the air and leaves her many takers beak in the water! Today, he finds the about where it is much more complicated than behind the car. Showing that he knows is wise to work in the morning, hope that race, his mentor happens to keep trotting and Qwerty flew to the stars

However, the favorite all reported not only run and will get rid of his rival, Fabrice Axe (4). The last time, also showed signs of nervousness in the race. While Qwerty had made the mistake, supporters of the representative of the Mining jacket rubbed their hands and already had tickets they would win. Unfortunately, approaching the final turn, he began to blame and left Marathon Man spinning the post before it is wrong too. Now he will have to reassure us staying in good paces the race. To do this, you can count on the reliability and mastery of Jean Michel Bazire to show him the things not to do. With a good sharp edge final speed, crack can get everyone to agree if given a tour of measurement, which may be the case with such a pilot at the controls!

The attraction of the day is the presence of the champion, crack, war machine, Quaro (12)! Winner of the criterion of three and four years, this magnificent black horse was unfortunately injured and had been a major leg problems. These health concerns forgotten, now believe in the future. Certainly, it will not necessarily be ready at once and will certainly need several races switched on again before reaching the top, but it would be mbt shoes women clearance fun to see not too far from the first to the entrance to the straight line. In any case, this return, hopefully in grace, will certainly Fabrice Souloy smiling at seeing his darling tread masked. However, Orso November (10) is itself at the height of his condition and found Jos Verbeeck his sulky to lead to victory. Recently won a small race in Belgium, still this horse on the podium will certainly have many supporters. Not knowing what to trot, it provides a solid basis for this and is absolutely quinté more to put on a ticket

Then Transalpine Away, Fitzgerald Bigi (13) does not cross the Alps to make up the numbers. Even though she appeared slightly tired during his recent attempts, it has since regained freshness and love the cinder Vincennes. Associated with his coach, the clever Andrea Guzzinati, it has the right to claim the victory. Another rise in foreign capital with big ambitions but this one does not come to us from Italy but in Switzerland! While viewers Equidia can now track racing Avrenches every Thursday, they have appreciated the victory of the latter with its owner in the sulky. Today, it will be Tony Le Beller commands and without shoes for the horse. With a good engine, it will strive to keep trotting to play a big role. Finally, both students Axel Lenoir, Queroan Jay (1), which appears to be struggling to find the right fuel and Quilon du Chatelet (2), Franck Nivard finding and apparently arrived at its best, are spoiler power!

This price Gatinaise should logically return to favorites if all goes well. Unless cataclysm, Qwerty and Fabrice Axe should not be far from the truth and hope Quaro snaps into road nicely and hold his legs because it would be a shame to lose this great champion again. These days Saturday are really friendly and I repeat again, allow families to come to as many events are offered interesting. So do not waste anymore time, head over to your car and towards the Hippodrome de Vincennes to come support the cracks good race tomorrow and readers.

R Repair heels

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Age: 54He A few times I 'shut all e r to adorn shoes with heels were a shoemaker s us 42 euros! For shoes that I love of course, but I'd pay are 30 euros!

I vaguely feel m 'be conned. and heels are back us s.

Who can tell me if there are commercially heels that can fix me m'm a hammer, I cherch Ler. Merl. but not Lie.

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R reflections on self

The id of this article came to me on my way to work one morning. Columnist traffic announce a significant slowdown on the highway because someone was achaland thumb. in the left lane. (Mr. Darwin, o?)

Each day Qu ten feet get hit by v and the number of in pi is more than the number of casualties among cyclists and motorcyclists r Of this number, many of could if hitchhikers had the respect and r inch is fa s

My hitchhiker of highway ad or have the chance of getting a good Samaritan or a police car who emmen out of the fast lane, because I have not heard of pi happ by a car today He had the chance. Others will not.

Everyone Conna hitchhiking. Whether for having so m exp for making up a hitchhiker or to have seen on mbt shoes women clearance the roadside, luggage, signs and sometimes pet included. I wanted to further deepen the subject, what are the appropriate places for the thumb? (Because I highly doubt that the left lane of the highway is part).

In Canada, it is prohibited g hitchhikers to be on the highways, in addition, some provinces have adopted various r more or less restrictive regarding this practice. In British Columbia and Ontario, it is possible to hitchhike in the shoulder, while in Alberta and Manitoba, no provincial laws r against this phenomenon by, the municipalities have the power to impose r their own and prohibit.

In Qu articles 448 and 449 of the Code of s ROUTI formally prohibit hitchhiking some places:

448. A foot can not stand on the carriageway to solicit transportation or to deal with the occupant of a v

449. A pi can not solicit transportation to the places where d is prohibited.

In other words, if we trust the law, it is forbidden to hitchhike on motorways, including the input and output of these two, on secondary roads o d o is prohibited and there no shoulder. so it remains sidewalks and places where the d is allowed (and with one shoulder).

Also keep in t that this mode of transport, often associated with young people exploring the country for all their luggage backpack also has its share of risks: you never know who is raised edge, as we can have blind confidence in the driver. Caution is called for, both c motorists as travelers. There is also a low carpooling service existing co for over 25 years, Allo Stop, motorists and travelers can register and thus r co d their journey. This service is very popular in the ro transit is scarce or non-existent square, between the municipalities

But whatever your mode of transport, be careful; motorists, be vigilant pr pi near expressways, and make sure if you arr t mbt shoes pregnant women o raise a traveler to do s and all in one place o there you are not allowed to immobilize v It would be a shame to have a ticket who wanted to help!

As for the feet do not live on shoe wear v lights (jeans, jacket function color and black shoes will not make you very visible when making dark) and follow the r according to the place where you And gr left lane highways!